Tobacco plant(Hubei tobacco leaf company)

  • Series: E系列
  • Project site: Hubei Province
  • Model: EO-504
  • Tonnage: 6.60T
  • Application: Tobacco
  • Pressure: 0.00MPa
  • Year: 1996
  • Unit: 4
Customer Brief

Hubei tobacco leaf company is one of the first group users to use KLD steam generator. The first KLD steam generator in cigratte plant was put into use in 1996, and the equipment is still in good condtion, it has been running for 24 years. Until now, there are more than 10 tobacco/cigratte users in Hubei province.

About Project
It is one of the earliest KLD clients in China. The steam generator has been running efficiently, safely and stably for 24 years . Recently, it has completed the low-nitrogen and automation upgrade, thermal efficiency improvement, etc. After that, the equipment can be reused for more than 20 years.