M Series

Product Concept
Perfect replacement for any boiler room

The original intention of M-series product development is to provide a set of logistics support equipment for the Army. At that time, the simple but rigid requirements of the military were as follows: 1. Fast: fast moving and fast steam production. 2. Stable: stable steam supply and light weight. 3. Safety: no major accident should be allowed.

After the war, the steam generators were widely used in the thermal recovery technology of major oil companies in Europe and the United States. Its characteristics helped oil companies greatly improve oil recovery efficiency in onshore oilfields.

In modern times, with everlasting improvement and innovation we have made , our M series products can perfectly replace the boiler room, and really is the simplest solution to any boiler room problems.


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M Series Steam Generator
M series is a mobile heating (or power) system developed by KLD company. Due to its small volume and light weight, multiple KLD steam generators (unit steam output covers from 0.5t/h to 60t/h, max. superheated temperature up to 600 ℃) or hot water generators (maximum net heat output up to 14000kW) can be integrated into one container.
M series is a customized product, please contact KLD hotline at 400-7807-777 or email us at for more information.
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