SF Series

Product Concept
Meticulously Designed  Suitable for small to medium-sized enterprises looking for growth

SF series steam generator is a newly developed (sigma fire) steam generator with the foundation of E series steam generator. The rated thermal power ranges from 75BHP (749kw, steam capacity 1000kg / h) to 300BHP (2996kw, steam capacity 4000kg / h). The standard design rated steam pressure is divided into 3 types: 1.0MPa, 1.25mpa and 1.6Mpa, it is customizable beyond 1.6Mpa (contact factory). It can operate stably at any pressure below the rated pressure and above 0.5MPa.

The SF Series are as safe, efficient and fast output of high-quality steam as the E series. Without compromising the requirements of regulations and standards, reducing the specification in PLC, skid mounted water pump and body on an underframe, simplify production process and strengthen cost control, so our clients can enjoy the KLD advantages without payment for the best.

The product code S stands for Sigma∑ which means sum-up. KLD integrates the main system and auxiliary machines into one. Different skids can be easily assembled together, the auxiliary control is integrated with the main equipment. Our clients do not need to operate water treatment, water tank and boiler, all functions can be operated conveniently on The Sigma Fire.


Integrated Design   Rapid steam output

SF Series Steam Generator
The whole series of KLD products adopt counterflow heat exchange technology, which is super safe and has no possibility of explosion.

Optional with Economizer◎ Ultra-low Nox System◎
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