Inner Mongolia Tobacco

  • Series: E series
  • Project site: Inner Mongolia
  • Model: SEG-1504
  • Tonnage: 20.00T
  • Application: Tobacco
  • Pressure: 1.60MPa
  • Year: 2017
  • Unit: 1
Customer Brief

It was listed on October 10, 2003 and officially registered on June 30, 2004. It is directly managed by China tobacco industry development center, and is a limited liability company incorporated across provinces.

About Project
The factory used two sets of 10t horizontal boilers(ohter brand). Due to low efficiency and frequent failures, user purchased one set of KLD 20t steam generator in 2018 and it used well. In 2020,the 2 sets of XX boilers were demolished and two sets of KLD 10t steam generators with low NOX (30 mg)were purchased.