Clayton(KLD) steam generator,originally designed for the United States military back in the 1930s, is widely used in the U.S. Navy and army. The output capacity ranges in size from 0.5t/h to 50t / h. KLD products have the advantages of high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving, high thermal efficiency, and rapid output. 2-5 minutes are all it takes from cold start to rated saturated steam output. Superheated steam temperature up to 600 ° C and steam pressure up to 35.0 MPa. The advanced counterflow single-coil system heat exchanger is the core of KLD steam generator. Compared with the traditional boiler, the KLD steam generator has significant advantages, i.e. smaller volume, easier installation & maintenance, outstanding actual operating energy-saving.

KLD is awarded as a “high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang province”. With the approval of Zhejiang Science and Technology Bureau, we has established a R&D center with strong independent R&D ability. As of April 2019, KLD has obtained 14 utility model patents (other 4 invention patents, 3 appearance patents, and 7 software copyrights). We have developed the following products:the steam/hotwater generator (with various specification of regular pressure, high temperature, high pressure), oilfield steam injection boiler (the highest superheated steam temperature 600°C, the highest pressure is 35Mpa), marine steam generator, low NOx steam generator, water treatment, etc. The KLD steam generator was rated as energy-saving products in Zhejiang and Shanghai. As of April 2019, KLD’s main products have reached more than 100 varieties in ten categories: medium pressure steam boilers, subcritical steam boilers, supercritical steam boilers, superheated steam boilers, steam superheaters, regular steam boiler, hot water boiler(ordinary pressure), hot water boiler(pressurized), hot water boiler(high temperature), mobile oil field steam injection boiler(high pressure), small-capacity steam boiler with high-parameter for experiment, biomass boiler, low NOx free inspection steam generator, and varieties of thermal HVAC equipment, the list keeps growing and we continue to innovate the industry. Our technology plays an extremely important role in the manufacturing of high-end technology and high-parameter equipment. Today, KLD products have been supplied to hundreds of global fortune 500 enterprises, such as Coca Cola, Nestle, CNOOC, ChinaOIL, China Tobacco, CCTV, DuPont, Emerson, Homel, Mars Food, COFCO kraft, Unilever , and Shanghai aircraft factory.

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