Central Heating Center (Beijing)

  • Series: H series
  • Project site: Beijing
  • Model: SHG-1800
  • Tonnage: 24.00T
  • Application: General Industrial
  • Pressure: 0.00MPa
  • Year: 2015
  • Unit: 2
Customer Brief

It is a district central heating center in Beijing, where the central heating centrol provide hot water for the nearby areas. Providing stable heating for apartments and commerical buildings. Especially during winter, the hot water generators must operate continuously without interruption. 

About Project
This enterprise is a central heating company, which used various heating boilers with different models. In February 2015, it purchased two KLD hot water generators and restructured the original boiler room as a business building covering an area of 110000 square meters. Two 15ton KLD hotwater generators occupy only 25 m2 area, saving space. In terms of fuel, KLD hotwater generator saves about 30% compared with others.