Boiler Room Design

No matter you are a private family owned factory with one steam generator, or a multinational conglomerate, we provide professional boiler room design to maximize your space and minimize unnecessary investment.
A well-designed boiler system will save client millions in the long run.
We worked closely with all major design firms.


  • With more than 30 years of experience.
  • We have our own installation team.
  • Professional cost management ensure no overbudget of the project.
  • On time completion, professional personnel & process.

System Efficiency
Upgrade and Optimization

  • Detail analysis of existing steam/hot water boiler system.
  • Providing professional suggestion for rooms on fuel saving.
  • Optimizing process for no interruption of operation.
  • Equipment condition analysis to minimize risk.
  • Applicable to KLD or other boiler system.


No matter in China or abroad, our experienced team of commission engineers will get your new equipment up and running to meet your operation requirement.

After Service

01 The first service team in China established by a steam boiler manufacturer with its own employees, which is innovative boiler service in China 3 years ago.
02 All our after-service engineers are directly employed and trained by KLD.
03 Emergency response service with 24h/day for 365 d/y, service response time is 30 minutes, and the domestic response is 12 hours at the latest.
04 IT Technology,we remote monitor any failure during the operation of the steam/hot water generator. Our system will send an alarm to the KLD data center/user terminal at the first time and display the failure analysis and diagnosis.
05 10 direct service location throughout China. Non-distributor.
06 All of our service location is stocked with our normal spare parts.
07 All service locations are equipped with sufficient regular spare parts.