F Series

Product Concept
Modern Design Innovation from the Classic Outstanding

In the 1930s, Clayton invented the first steam generator. Since then, all series of products have been developed and inherited from the original design concept.

From 2010, KLD launched the F-series small integrated steam generator research and development plan. KLD adheres to Clayton’s characteristics of small size, fast steam production, safety and non-explosion. Under the premise of ensuring the ultimate safety of the products, the operating water capacity is controlled strictly below 30L, such that the F series will not belong to the scope of boiler supervision and inspection. KLD aims to create a high-quality product with low barriers to use (no approval, no annual inspection, no operator, etc.) Up to 2020, F series steam generator has won many industrial awards in China and internationally and been recognized by users.


Integrated system  Compact  Rapid steam output  License free  Low NOx emission  One touch start  IoT monitoring technology

F Series Steam Generator
The whole series of KLD products adopt counterflow heat exchange technology, which is super safe and has no possibility of explosion.
Model Selection
F-5 FMB(4.5)
F-3 FMB(4.5)
F-5 FMB(4.0)
F-3 FMB(4.0)
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